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HBase Bug or not ? pls give some advises.

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CDH version: 5.9.0


i am tring to test HBase coprocessor like preget , preput ,preScannerOpen, i find there are someting is very strange.


1) the coprocessor will work find if the table has no any coprocessor .


2) but if i have modified the coprocessor and try to upload the new coprocessor to the HDFS, and to do the below setup:


alter 'test1' , METHOD => 'table_att_unset', NAME=> 'coprocessor$1'

alter 'test1' , METHOD => 'table_att', 'COPROCESSOR'=> 'hdfs://nameservice1/tmp/observeTrigger.jar|com.isesol.storm.observTrigger||'


it won't work fine, until i am going to drop the table, and set the coprocessor again.


who can tell me this is  bug or not ?