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HBase PySpark Integration - Working Examples

New Contributor

I am trying to write a dataframe back into an HBase table. I have been able to read data from an HBase table using the hortonworks spark-hbase connector from

I have seen this article which gives some code for saving data back into hbase. However, I need something similar on pyspark. Cannot find any working code, even for syntax and packages to import.

The only other way I think I can try is using phoenix jars. But trying to go purely with hortonworks libraries and see if this is possible.

Can anyone help?


@Sai Geetha M N

I don't know of a Python version tutorial/post of the linked you shared, but here are some resources worth checking out that are Python/Spark/Hive-with-Spark related:

New Contributor

@Edgar Orendain

I have already done what the above tutorials are meant for Apache spark, python, hive ORC from spark etc.). I have a specific need for HBase-Spark integration only - even that I have been able to achieve read, I need to up able to write or update HBase from spark.

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