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HBase REST Refusing Connection

New Contributor

I am using the HortonWork HDP (Hadoop version, Ambari version ) OVA for VMWare. The VM starts up and runs perfectly. At the shellinabox prompt I type in 'hbase rest start -p 20550' and rest starts up. From my development box, whether I am using curl or the CData HBase driver, I get a connection refused error. I have ran 'service iptables stop' on the sandbox but still get the same error. I have turned off the firewall on my development box. If I run curl from shellinabox the connection is made. The sandbox appears to be actively refusing outside connections.

Does anybody have an suggestions as to what I can try next? What am I missing? I have not made any configuration changes within Ambari, so the server is operating in its default state (with admin password changed of course).


New Contributor

Yes that was exactly the issue.

Thank you.