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HBase REST server in production

I have few questions on HBase REST server.

  1. Can we have HA by running several REST servers behind a VIP or a load balancer? if Yes, can I install several REST server instances with Ambari?
  2. What are recommendations for running REST server in production?
  3. Does REST API supports Kerberised clusters?



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For #1, Ambari doesn't support running multiple REST server instances.

For #3, see

@Ted Yu

Thanks. Does #1 means we can not have HA? or should I install it manually?

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Neither Ambari nor HBase provide HA solution for REST server at the moment.

@Ted Yu

I am aware that HBase doesn't provide HA for REST. However, is it possible to deploy several REST server and use a load balancer for HA? this is how we do for QPS for instance

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That should work.

Hi all,

Any practical feedback on this? the only answer I got is that it should work.


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@Tim David

Ambari doesn't support the HBase REST service, but HDP offers an init script in the hbase-rest package (which can be installed manually) and this script is recommended to be used in production to start the service (and also to automatically start it at boot time).

And then of course, you can use a loadbalancer in front of several HBase REST services or even use Knox which supports multiple HBase REST services (but for ha only):

Add the following under the HaProvider:


And the following service definition: