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HBase Region Replication and Bulk Load Strategy?

As shows there is a mismatch between using region replication and using bulk loads that prevent the data from the bulk loads from being replicated (if I understand everything correctly). That said, that JIRA suggests help is on the way, but is there a strategy that should be employed in the meantime? suggests to me that we should copy the table or something similar. Maybe we should disable the replication and re-enabled it? Just looking for high-level strategy to deal with these two features that don't seem to play nice together.


Minor correction: region replication and [table] replication are two separate things. Be sure not to confuse the two 🙂

In the cases where HBase replication does not support the replication of bulk-loaded HFiles, the simple solution is to distcp the files you are going to bulk load to the destination cluster and also bulk import them there.

Fair enough on cluster-to-cluster replication. I'm thinking about intra-cluster replication of regions for the purpose of HA Read features. Is this automatically addressed already and if not, are there strategies to take care of this?

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