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HBase jmx metrics dump on Ambari

New Contributor


I am trying to auto discover the master and region server nodes in the cluster and pull all the jmx metrics available (including tables and regions level).

From my understanding so far, the full set of jmx metrics (including tables and regions) are only available via jmx dump url - <hdinsight host>/hbaseui/<host address>. However, the <host address> is not consistent and difficult to guess for master nodes - ip for region server and some short name for maste server. Is this configured somewhere?


I am using ambari rest api, combination of components and hosts endpoints to auto discover all host details and retrieve some basic metrics.

component endpoint to retrieve host information and aggregated metrics - /api/v1/clusters/<cluster>/hosts/<host_name>/host_components/<HBASE_REGIONSERVER\|HBASE_MASTER>

hosts endpoint to retrieve host ip, name and basic metrics - /api/v1/clusters/HBS001/services/HBASE/components/<HBASE_REGIONSERVER\|HBASE_MASTER>