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HBaseMaster Connection Error

master.BackupLogCleaner: Failed to get hbase:backup table, therefore will keep all files org.apache.hadoop.hbase.TableNotFoundException: hbase:backup


I was not able to fix the problem by going into the the hbase zkcli and deleting the data under /hbase-unsecure,after that I start hbase again but not working

Can you try restarting your master. Post master restart hbase:backup table should automatically get created, if it doesn't then check hbase master logs for errors .

@Ankit Singhal

Already done this but still getting same error, Master started as "Standby Hbase Master" then after some time it again stop.

Check that at least one regionserver should be up eventually when HBase master is getting live.

@Ankit We have single node cluster, HBase Master and RegionServer is on same node and regionserver is up and running.

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Hi Harish,

Before start working on HBase you can check the status of both Hbase Master and regionserver by using following commands.

sudo service hbase-master status

sudo service regionserver status

If both are not working then start these service first and start working

sudo service hbase-master start

sudo service regionserver start

Hope it will work.



@Mahesh Mallikarjunappa I tried to start HMaster but it stopped again in 1-2 mins.

I tried above link also but my bad

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can you please try the solutions mentioned in following link. Hope will work this time.