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HDC Recipes under self-signed ssl URL


we're setting up cluster with post install recipes. So far it was working fine with snippets located under ssl url that has proper certificate. But when we change url to location that has self-signed cert it fails to download those recipes.

hdc create-cluster .... [..]

status code: 400, message: Failed to convert from type [com.sequenceiq.cloudbreak.api.model.RecipeRequest] to type [com.sequenceiq.cloudbreak.domain.Recipe] for value 'com.sequenceiq.cloudbreak.api.model.RecipeRequest@f5362cf'; nested exception is com.sequenceiq.cloudbreak.controller.BadRequestException: Cannot download script from URL: [url]

Do you have any suggestion or workaround? Cloudbreak has option to upload recipes, hdc doesn't allow that. And I'm not sure if there is any possibility to upload anywhere our CA..