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HDF 3.0.2 and Port Forwarding


I have installed HDF3.0.2 in VmWare. Do I need to do port forwarding in HDF to produce messages in Kafka running in HDF3.0.2 from outside of the virtual machine?

The tutorial here talks about HDP and not HDF :

Thanks for your help.


Super Mentor

@Hiren Dossani

The instructions to add additional ports will remain almost same for the HDF & HDP Sandbox. Please see the instructions here to know how to add additional ports


The only difference will be in the way how we login to the HDF Vmware & Docker machine will be slightly different in terms of Port that are being used.


Please try this:

For Doing SSH to HDF you will need to use a slightly different port. To login to the VM you will need to use 12122 port

# ssh root@ -p 12122
Enter Password: hadoop


In order to login to the Docker Container where the HDF components are actually running you will need to use:

# ssh root@ -p 12222
Enter Password: hadoop



Tried starting VMWare workstation in Network Connection as Bridged, NAT and Host-Only.

The above commands gives either connection timeout or refused error for all the options.

Are there any straight forward, simple steps to produce messages in kakfa in HDF 3.0.2 from outside VmWare ?

Thanks for your time and help.

If the instructions are same for both HDP and HDF, where to find in HDF ? I don't find it under /root or anywhere using below command :

find / -name ""

Thanks for your help.

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