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HDF 3.0 Sandbox NiFi reporting AmbariReportingTask error

New Contributor

In a freshly downloaded HDF 3.0 Sandbox virtual machine, I am seeing NiFi report this error (twice) every 30 seconds

11:06:31 UTC ERROR 3b80ba0f-a6c0-48db-b721-4dbc04cef28e
AmbariReportingTask[id=3b80ba0f-a6c0-48db-b721-4dbc04cef28e] Error running task AmbariReportingTask[id=3b80ba0f-a6c0-48db-b721-4dbc04cef28e] due to Connection refused (Connection refused)

I started all the services (via Ambari) in the sandbox that were halted or in maintenance mode, and this persists. Is this something that can be resolved? The error confuses me somewhat, as if the task is trying to reach the Ambari Metrics service, I would be surprised if it was on port 19090 as this is where the NiFi UI is listening.

I do note that Ambari does not seem to be receiving any metrics from any services, so this does argue for a misconfiguration.


Expert Contributor

I am also facing the same issue! does anyone know to to resolve this issue?

I am also facing the same issue. I found ambari in my sandbox running on 9080 rather than 19090.



I am also facing the same issue. For a change in my HDF Sandbox Ambari is running on http://localhost:9080