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HDF Sandbox: Connexion refused to Phoenix from host (Vmware Desktop)

New Contributor

Hi all!

I'm using the HDF 3.02 Sandbox over Vmware Desktop and I have enabled Phoenix on Hbase. Unfortunately, I'm not able to connect an ODBC from my host machine. I notice the same issue with some other servers like Thrift and Rest. The service is started, the port opened, a telnet from the sandbox work; but not from the host (connexion refused). However, the ambari admin web UI, le ssh access is possible from the host machine.

And there is no iptables or firewalld running on the sandbox. There is a internal firewall inside the sandbox? Where and how to configure it?


PS: Sorry for my poor english.


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Hello, any help please?

Expert Contributor

Is telnet working on port from your host machine from where you are connecting?

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@schhabra thanks you for your answer. The telnet doesn't work from the host. Just only on the sandbox VM.