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HDF  cloudera + what are the details about the coming version

hi all


about the HDF  cloudera Kit


what is the next coming version of new HDF ?

what are the plan about HDF Kit in the future ?




the current HDF version is:


HDF includes the following components:

Apache Ambari 2.7.3

Apache Kafka 2.1.0

Apache NiFi 1.9.0

NiFi Registry 0.3.0

Apache Ranger 1.2.0

Apache Storm 1.2.1

Apache ZooKeeper 3.4.6

Apache MiNiFi Java Agent 0.6.0

Apache MiNiFi C++ 0.6.0

Hortonworks Schema Registry 0.7.0

Hortonworks Streaming Analytics Manager 0.6.0

Apache Knox 1.0.0
SmartSense 1.5.0


Please research CDF.   This is the new combined product.

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