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HDFS Federation and ViewFS support for multiple clusters


Customer is running two clusters: PROD and DR. Both clusters have data and processing.

Each cluster is running a single NameNode (HA) with a single namespace for that cluster. Customer is looking for HDFS Federation and ViewFS support to be able to view files and directories in both clusters using a single interface.

I don't believe we support this scenario? Are there any other tools that provide "Windows Explorer" type interface to be able to navigate HDFS files and directories across multiple clusters?



You are right on the support part.

Re: HDFS explorer..check out this


@dbaev are you still having problems with this? Can you provide your own solution or accept best answer?


We are looking at HSFS federation and ViewFS official support in a major HDP release after HDP 2.6. We might also support NFSv3 working with ViewFS and if you have NFS clients, you should be able to browse the tree structure.