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HDFS NFS Gateway on Windows 7 - performance improvements?


HDFS NFS Gateway on Windows 7 - performance improvements?






I have successfully set up the HDFS NFS Gateway in our cluster (CDH 5.15.x) and mounted the same in Windows 7 (mapped to a drive).


NFS Host/Server - 1 node as of now. We are planning to add multiple nodes soon. 


The properties of the mount in Windows show below parameters.


UID=-2, GID=-2
rsize=32768, wsize=32768
mount=soft, timeout=0.8
retry=3, locking=no
fileaccess=755, lang=ANSI

Things are working fine w.r.t access, reading and writing etc.


But, the perforance is really poor. 


For 860MB file, it is taking 8.5 minutes. Part of it (I think) is because of limited rsize/wsize which is limited to 32KB in WIN7.


Are there any other performance improvements that could possibly be done to make this faster? 








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