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HDFS Snapshot

HDFS Snapshot

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Can someone explain me about HDFS Snapshot. I know it is point in time copies of file system, does it mean it keeps another copy of data? Lets say i have consumed 10 TB out of 100 TB and taken HDFS snapshot from / directory.


1. Does it keep another copy of 10TB under /.snapshot?

2. If snapshot is only metadata, how does NN constructs data when datablocks are deleted from datanode? or woudn't it delete datablocks at all? 


I'm confused can someone explain this?





Re: HDFS Snapshot

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1. No, snapshot is just for the metadata operation.

2. Once you make particular directory snapshottable, the blocks belonging
the underlying files never be deleted.

Re: HDFS Snapshot

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In addition to Dice's notes, please also read the design and efficiency overview at It will help gain a better understanding of the feature.