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HDFS data governance


HDFS data governance


How to restrict the permission to multiple users on certain HDFS directories

I have a use case that Admin has to give admin privilege to a user on a particular HDFS directory (assume /data/Team1)

Lets say there are few directories like (/data/Team1/Jan; /data/Team1/Feb; /data/Team1/Mar;/data/Team1/Apr)

The user who has admin privilege on directory /data /Team1/ will decide and give the required access to the directories.

My question is

1)How to give a particular user has admin privilege on directory /data/Team1

2)How can that admin user can give read only permission for few users and write access for certain users on a directory (assume /data/Team1/Jan)

I am looking for some Ideas how to approach

Appreciate your help.



Re: HDFS data governance

@kiran thella

By admin privilege are you trying to say 777 access to its directory? If that is the case then create a group which has 777 access to the particular directory and assign the user to its group. That's the simplest way I could think of doing it.

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