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HDP 2.5.3 cluster install with ambari (local repo)

HDP 2.5.3 cluster install with ambari (local repo)

New Contributor


Hello ,

I managed to set a 3 nodes cluster using the local repositories for ambari 2.4.2 and HPP 2.5.

The installation of the different services succeeded during the step 9 of the ambari wizard install , but almost all the services failed to start.

Once connected to the cluster dashboard via the ambari web UI in the port 8080 , I got 31 alerts with the heartbeats lost for all the services, the master processes ( such as name node secondary namenode , hive server etc) failing to start.

I also got a failure message from the namenode faling to connect to the master node in the port 8020.

Finally the start/stop options of the different services are disabled via the ambari web UI ( see enclosed scree shots)

I already stopped the different ambari agents and ambari server and restarted them but this doesn't resolve the issues

I also tried to start the namenode from the CLI and It didn't work either .

Any help with this please

Best regards




Re: HDP 2.5.3 cluster install with ambari (local repo)

Super Mentor
@Haifa Ben Aouicha

As we see that the ambari-agents are not sending heartbeat messages to ambari-server (Or due to some other reasons the heartbeat is being lost), So please share the complete "/var/log/ambari-agent/ambari-agent.log" file.

Also please check if the ambari-agents are able to access ambari server on port 8441, which is the Registration and Heartbeat Port for Ambari Agents to Ambari Server that listens on HTTPS. So it might be related to openssl issue as well.

1. Please check if the ambari server has opened this port or if there is any port conflict.

# netstat -tnlpa | grep 8441

2. On the ambari agent machines please check if they are able to connect to ambari-server on port 8441 using the ambari server FQDN

# telnet  $AMBARI_HOSTNAME  8441
# nc -v  $AMBARI_HOSTNAME  8441



Re: HDP 2.5.3 cluster install with ambari (local repo)

New Contributor

Hello @ Jay Kumar SenSharma, thanks a lot for your answer :

Actually, I installed a 3 nodes cluster with an ambari server running in one node ( the master node) and ambari agents in the 3 hosts of the cluster .

in the master node ( the host where the ambari server is run ) , netstat -tnlpa | grep 8441 gives me :

tcp6 0 0 :::8441 :::* LISTEN 10983/java

in the 3 hosts ,nc -v 8441 gives me :

Ncat: Version 6.40 ( )

Ncat: Connected to

Finally find enclosed the 3 log files for 3 ambari agents

Otherwise my whole cluster is not working since I can not even start or stop services ( these options are not provided) agentmaster.pngagentnode2.pngagentnode1.pngambarifailing.png

Any help with this please , I have to resolve this issue and I feel that it will be too difficult as everything is not working properly

Thanks a lot in advance for your advices

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