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HDP 2.5 Connectivity Issue.

HDP 2.5 Connectivity Issue.

New Contributor

I have installed HDP 2.5 on virtual box version 6, import was successful, but i get this error


i have tried the following troubleshooting methods to fix this but to no avail.

1) Enables the network adapter to NAT and checked the cable connected option in advance settings. (same issue persisted).

2) In Display increased the video memory upto 40 mb and in Remote Display (unchecked the Enable Server). (same issue persisted).

3) Checked the port forwarding , it was working fine.


funny part is that i downloaded HDP 3.0.1 and installed it on the same version of virtual box guess what its working fine!!! and i was able to access ambari from local host, is there some problem with HDP 2.5 sandbox ? any help regarding this issue is much appreciated.

NOTE :- i have literally tried all troubleshooting method's suggested on the hortonworks community.