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HDP 2.5 is not starting on virtualbox

New Contributor


Hi All,

I am using hortonworks sandbox 2.5 with virtualbox VM 5.2.12 , as recommended in course and my laptop has 12 GB RAM from which I spared 8GB for sandbox but start the sandbox, get the message as "failed to start vboxadd.service" and sandbox does not start. I have added the screenshot of the error message, can you please help.I am not able to continue with course due to this error. can you please suggest something to solve this error?


Have you tried the latest HDP 2.6.5 sandbox? Most of the things in the course should work in a similar fashion. Do you have a link to the course? Or what course is it?

New Contributor

Hi @Rafael,

thanks for replying, sorry I didn't mention the course name, it is "The Ultimate Hands-on- Tame your big Data" by frank Kane on udemy. I was using HDP 2.5 because It was recommended in the course. Anyways, currently my HDP sandbox is working on VMware player. The reason for the blocker was that I had avast antivirus working on my pc which was blocking the virtualization on my samsung pc. Once I removed the avast antivirus, it started working.:)

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