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HDP 2.6.1 and RHEL7.3 or RHEL7.4


HDP 2.6.1 and RHEL7.3 or RHEL7.4

New Contributor

I would expect this question to be yes but can't be absolutely sure. Does the minor release of an OS matter as far as HDP 2.6.1 deployment. Is RHEL7.3 and RHEL7.4 both supported or only RHEL7.3?


Re: HDP 2.6.1 and RHEL7.3 or RHEL7.4



The HDP 2.x.x are released for OS major versions like Centos6 is valid also for &.3,6.5,6.8 and so does it for the RHEL 7.3, 7.4, 7.x .OS minor release doesn't impact the HDP binaries.

Hope that helps