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,HDP 2.6.4: SSH login issue

,HDP 2.6.4: SSH login issue

New Contributor

I have setup HDP 2.6.4 on Azure VM

Tutorial says that in order to SSH through Putty, I have to make tunneling entries in Putty Configuration and the start a session connecting to Azure Public IP at port 22 using username and password provided during sandbox setup. This SSH connection works fine.

I understand that HDP 2.6.4 sandbox is created in a docker container. How do I connect to that?

After connecting to Azure VM, I am giving command "ssh localhost -P 2222" in Putty session, but it is asking root password which I do not know.I tried "hadoop" password as well as Azure VM's password, but both did not work.

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.



Re: ,HDP 2.6.4: SSH login issue

@Nitin Kanwar

Once you're in the azure VM and connecting over port 2222, you can use any of the sandbox users you like. For example, try user 'maria_dev' with the password 'maria_dev' (user and pass are the same).

Let me know if that solves your issue or if you have more questions! If this has helped, please take a moment to login and mark this answer as accepted!