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HDP 2.6.5 Sandbox on Oracle Virtualbox 5.2.14 not accessible from local

New Contributor

After installing HDP 2.6.5 on Oracle Virtualbox 5.2.14 with ext, VM is frozen on screen (attached for ref). its not accessible by keyboard/mouse. Kindly guide how to make it readable from keyboard/mouse.


Is there some keyboard/mouse integration I am missing. Attempted some options from similar posts before posting the question here


Super Mentor

@Arjun Warrier

The window which you highlighted here is for showing the welcome message/ information's.

However if you really want to use the Sandbox then you should be using a separate terminal / command prompt or the URL http://localhost:4200 in order to execute commands and use Keyboard/mouse.

Please try using the following command to do SSH login to Sandbox

# ssh root@localhost   -p 2222
Enter Password: 

Or if you just want to execute the command in the same small window (where you see the welcome message) then in the same screen at the bottom you will find the below message:



New Contributor

Thanks a lot Jay Kumar, Alt+F5 helped to gain control of keyboard.

Is there an equivalent to enable mouse on VM as well. The UI shows an guest addition needs to be installed on VM but I couldn't see that documented here. Do we have to configure the optical drive and then install the guestadditions.iso image to address this like the pop-up on top shows.


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New Contributor

Thanks a ton for your super prompt responses.. much appreciated Jay Kumar.. I am sure these links will help me a lot..I will check and update shortly 🙂

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