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HDP 2.6 never starts in a 16 GB Machine with 8 GB dedicated to VMware

New Contributor

Hi ExpertTeam

I have downloaded HDP 2.6 . Successfully imported in Vmware.But when i power on it never starts .I have attached configuration screen shot that i am using . Also attached the screen shot after VM is powered on(this screen never changes)


Chaithanya M



Hi @Chaithanya Mahasamudram

On your second screenshot, it looks like the Linux OS is still loading. When you see the Linux scroll bar, I think you can press the ESC key to get the details on what is happening. That may shed light into your loading issue. With the Sandbox, trying with a fresh download never hurts either!

New Contributor

Hi Sonu

I see three different versions of centos . what could you the reason ? Please refer to attached screenshot.I pressed Esc to see what is happening behind the scenes and found what is been attache in capture5.png. There's a failed operation.


Chaithanya M

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