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HDP 2.64 VMWare Sandbox "Waiting for Ambari Agent to connect"


I downloaded the latest version of the HDP Sandbox last night, version 2.6.4, for VMWare. When I started it up it gets stuck at "Waiting for Ambari Agent to connect." How can I get this to start, or do I have to wait for a fix release?


Any thoughts @glupu?

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@Wayne Deleersnyder in order for me to provide assistance I'm going to need more information. This isn't a bug we have run into and can't really replicate right now. A couple of questions:

1. Do you have the necessary 8GB of RAM needed by the box?

2. Did you try using virtualbox as well to see if you could replicate the issue?

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The same issue on my side. Is there something we can do?

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@Wayne Deleersnyder @Georgi Kovachev , We tried deploying HDP Sandbox 2.6.4 on VMWare Fusion and it succeeded without any issues.

Are you using VMware workstation or VMWare Fusion ?

Also if you could give more details on the RAM settings as @glupu has mentioned , it would be really helpful.