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HDP 3.0 hive llap is fails with error: Watch timeout 400s exhausted before desired state RUNNING is attained


I have spend almost a day try to figure out what's wrong with the hive llap in HDP 3.0.

Have verified that the llap is running and no errors. I have tweaked the llap config so that it wouldn't have any resource allocation issue.

Looks like some kind of config issue, as the the service is not able to verify that the llap app is running.

BTW, I have another environment with exact same spec's and nodes using HDP 2.6.x and everything is working fine.

Looks like there is a defect in HDP 3.0/Ambari

LLAPSTATUS WatchMode with timeout=400 s
LLAP status unknown
WARN cli.LlapStatusServiceDriver: Watch mode enabled and got YARN error. Retrying..


@Bala Kolla

You can go by the article

Let me know if it helps in narrowing down the problem?

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