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HDP 3.1 show tables does not shows view


We have just upgraded to HDP 3.1 and I found that Hive 3.1 show tables command does not list views.

While connecting with Tableau ODBC driver, only tables are visible, because it triggers show tables command.

not show views. Kindly let me know, if anyone has solved this issue??


Mamta Chawla


New Contributor

Did you find any answer to this?

New Contributor

We have the same problem - Hive views are invisible by using Hortonoworks ODBC (connection from Excel, Aginity, Tableau)

New Contributor

I've decribed this problem on Apache Hive Jiira, but my isssue was a duplicate. Here You are correct link with resolution of this problem:


New Contributor

"show views" work for me


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