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HDP 3.1 upgrade: Unable to upgrade packages


HDP 3.1 upgrade: Unable to upgrade packages

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I have recently upgraded Ambari to 2.7.3 and is attempting to upgrade HDP to 3.1. I'm facing issues with the public repo (even though I have configured the necessary proxies) and is trying to upgrade using the private repo which I have downloaded. However, after registering the new version and clicking on installation of the new packages, the process completes quickly but the resultant button is "RE-INSTALL" instead of "UPGRADE". I have tried different ways to do this many times but still ends up with the same result.

Also, currently, the Ambari manages Nifi and the registry, I saw that there are issues if we were to upgrade HDP without doing something for Nifi. Can anyone advise on this?

Thanks in advance,