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HDP 6-node cluster recommendations

New Contributor

Hi all,

If i were to install most of the HDP 2.6.1 components, would the following setup be sufficient?

2 master nodes (NameNode, Secondary NameNode)

3 Data nodes

1 Edge node (Clients)



@Hovo Khachikyan

It depends on the use cases you intend for the cluster. A 6 node cluster may be ok for a dev or POC cluster, but is generally considered under powered for a production use case. When you say you want to install "most components", do you know what you want to do with the cluster? I generally recommend that you do not install components just to "check the box". You can easily add components later if you find you need them.

New Contributor

Hi @Michael Young, i am setting up the 6 node cluster as part of a PoC. Additionally, if my understanding of the hadoop archetecure is correct then, the Edge node should not be a data node as well. Is this correct?