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HDP Cluster OS Upgrade RHEL6->RHEL7


Can someone share detailed information showing what is the best practice for performing a major OS upgrade (RHEL6->RHEL7) on a Kerberized HDP cluster, (Ambari version =, HDP version = 2.5.3)? The system team will not be doing an in-place upgrade and it sounds like the hosts will be wiped or moved to different hardware. The HDP components requiring databases such as Ambari, HIVE, Oozie, etc. are leveraging mysql not the default postgres database.

Thanks a million!



Please note the below steps are not something that is tested or claimed to support or certify for any release.

Furthermore the release bits come from different repositories, so will need to be replaced. A high level overview of the process is something like:

  1. Check compatibility of all components for the new OS (e.g. will java, python etc be replaced? will HUE still work? Is our ODBC driver available?)
  2. Ensure everything is backed up.
  3. Cleanly shutdown the cluster (including savenamespace).
  4. Upgrade the OS according to their vendors advice.
  5. Install the relevant HDP bits(repos) for their new OS.
  6. Startup Ambari and update the repository for the new OS.
  7. Startup HDP.