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HDP Sanbbox 2.6 not working in windows 10

New Contributor

I have a windows 10 laptop, on which I have tried to start the HDP Sandbox 2.6 , both Virtual box and Vmware versions failed to start even after running for around 10 mins , I have allocated 9.9 GB ram and 4 processors to it, but no luck,any trouble shooting steps will prove handy


Super Guru

@Bijith Komalan

What is the issue you are facing? Are there any errors? Didyou see the following page?

New Contributor

Not seeing any errors ,the vm hangs for around 12 mins afterwards, I powered it off

Cloudera Employee

Hi Bijith,

Have you checked the VM log on VirtualBox itself for errors? (right mouse button on the VM -> Show Log) Also, is the VM boot-up screen blank the whole time, or does it show something? i.e., what is the last thing shown on the VM screen before going blank?




Super Guru

Do you have admin permissions? can you give it more ram and run less things. Update your version of VirtualBox, Vmware, docker and system.

You won't see anything when it starts

follow the tutorial just go to the web page http://localhost:8888