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HDP Search - Configuration and Data Directories

HDP Search - Configuration and Data Directories


A quick question on configuring Solr with Hortonworks HDP. I have installed HDP and then installed HDP Search using the steps described under the link -

I have used the link from lucidworks to configure various parameters exposed on Ambari -

  • Within the various Solr config settings on Ambari, I am a bit confused on the role of "solr_config_conf_dir" parameter. At the moment, it only contains file. As HDPSearch is mainly meant to be used with SolrCloud, wondering what is the significance of this directory as the configurations are always maintained on ZooKeeper.
  • Another question is when the indexes for SolrCloud collections are stored on HDFS, what is the significance of "solr_config_data_dir"? Is the solr_config_data_dir directory used ONLY for collections for which directory factory settings are set to local? If so, is it safe to assume that this is not needed when HDFS is being used?