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HDP Search related


HDP Search related

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We have a HDP product cluster and are now planning to build a search solution for some of our business requirements. In this regard, I have the following questions. Can you please answer the below questions with respect to Solr?

  • As I understand, it is more performant to have SolrCloud set-up to use local storage instead of HDFS for storing the indexes. If so, what are the use-cases where SolrCloud would store index in HDFS?
  • Also, if the indexes are stored in HDFS, will it be possible to update the documents stored in Solr in that case?
  • Will HDP Search be supported as part of HDP support license itself or does it need additional license?
  • If SolrCloud is configured to use local storage, can it still be managed through Ambari? What aspects of SolrCloud might not be available through Ambari? Monitoring?

Just to provide more context, our data to be indexed is not in HDP at the moment and would come from external sources.