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HDP Snapshot repository?

I'm pretty new to HDP and this is something I'm used to do with other distribution. I would like to see the snapshots of the components branched in order to get an idea of which version of each component is the next released currently based on. That way I can get a good estimate of when they are aiming for a rebase.

However, there is nothing on and I haven't seen snapshots under


While I see a few more builds under that the release one, I think those are just old releases but I don't see any snapshots that give the information I'm looking for.

For instance, I can see for Phoenix that they released so in 2.3.5 it still uses 4.4.0. I want to see which version they are currently developing and testing against for 2.3.6, 2.3.7 and 2.4.0, hence why I ask for snapshots.


Thanks, that's quite interesting but the instructions in that article don't work for me. When I try to run the ls it insists that I setup the --configuration and after that complains about it ERROR: /home/ubuntu/.s3cfg: Network is unreachable

despite that I can reach s3 correctly


@Gonzalo Herreros use the URLs in the article to browse using browser. I find all unreleased versions that way.

You mean a web browser like Chrome? The urls in the article are s3 like s3://, changing it to http:// got me a 404 not found. Do I need some plugin? Using http urls for gives me a "The specified key does not exist" if I don't specify the full path, so it's not much use.


@Gonzalo Herreros go to and then hit repository home