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HDP Upgrade - Free space under /tmp

I am looking for any best practices / recommendation document that helps me plan how much free space should I have under /tmp for a HDP Upgrade.

My client's cluster has 2 different disk paths mentioned for dfs.namenode.dir, consequently there will be 2 fsimage files for Active Namenode.
Each fsimage is roughly 40 GB.

The same is the case for standby namenode as well.

Logically, a free space of 40x4 = 160 GB + some buffer should be fine.

However, I am looking for a proper/better way of going about this planning.



@Dinesh Chitlangia

Why not create a symlink to a bigger partition during the upgrade and revert once you are done !

$ sudo mkdir /OneTB/tmp/
$ ln -s /oneTB/tmp/ /tmp/

The you are safe

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