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HDP Upgrade blocked by another INTERNAL_REQUEST

HDP Upgrade blocked by another INTERNAL_REQUEST



Has anyone encounter this kind of error before ?

Cluster Firelord  downgrade is in progress. Cannot install packages.

I found out the request_id is : 6703 , the URL of this request give me this information:

"cluster_name" : "Firelord",
    "completed_task_count" : 0,
    "create_time" : 1517303769181,
    "end_time" : 1517249417289,
    "exclusive" : false,
    "failed_task_count" : 0,
    "id" : 6703,
    "inputs" : null,
    "operation_level" : null,
    "progress_percent" : 100.0,
    "queued_task_count" : 0,
    "request_context" : "Downgrading from",
    "request_schedule" : null,
    "request_status" : "COMPLETED",
    "resource_filters" : [ ],
    "start_time" : 1517303770262,
    "task_count" : 0,
    "timed_out_task_count" : 0,
    "type" : "INTERNAL_REQUEST"
On my ambari database i executed this command : 
DELETE FROM execution_command WHERE task_id IN (SELECT task_id FROM host_role_command WHERE request_id = 6703) 
DELETE FROM host_role_command WHERE request_id = 6703 ; 

Base on this post : but nothing changed.

Can anyone give me a hand here ?




Re: HDP Upgrade blocked by another INTERNAL_REQUEST

Super Mentor

@Toky Raobelina

Please check the "clusters" table and if you find any previous "upgrade_id" there then please try setting that to NULL (this null should be your Database specific NULL value) and then restart ambari server.

UPDATE clusters SET upgrade_id=NULL;


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