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HDP datadir / namenode config for Netapp HDFS NFS adapter,Netapp HDFS adapter

New Contributor

I have configured successfully Netapp HDFS NFS adapter on all nodes and am able to do a hdfs dfs -ls /

But: How do i need to configure HDFS datadir, in case i only want to use the NFS share ?


To my best knowledge the above default value points to a directory on my Nodes local disc

On the other hand the Netapp NFS adapter has / as top level ( which i could not use for datadir)

Same for Namenode/2ndary namenode: how should they be selected if i do use only NFS via Adapter, no local HDFS ?




I have configured the netapp HDFS Adapter successfully and i am able to list the netapp share using hdfs dfs -ls /

In case i want to use NFS only, and not local HDFS disk storage, how should i configure those variables:

<value>/hadoop/hdfs/data</value>, especially correcting this value seems to be important to me

NFS/Netapp lists below /, and /hadoop/hdfs/data is a local OS Dir on the local disc.

I assume i need to tell HDP that the NFS share is to be used for datadir ?



Currently i have the default settings, and with those a cyclic namenode and 2ndary namenode reboot is suggested by Ambari. As soon as i restart the one, the other service is marked as: "reboot due to stale config"