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HDP to CDP Upgrade Private Cloud Base (Isilon based)

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Hi All,


We are in early stages of planning HDP 3 to CDP 7.1.7 Private cloud base upgrade and would like to know experiences from the community who have attempted this. Especially in the scenario where we are using Isilon 8.2.2 (planned to upgrade this to 9.x) instead of standard HDFS service.


Few points I would certainly need suggestions on are:
1. What were the considerations of this project?

2. How were hive metastore and actual replications and backups handled? We can't use replication manager due to some specific limitations, like:

 - CDP Replication Manager will do a pull and converts all the managed tables to external at the destination

 - Also our network connectivity is done in a way that it would support push jobs instead of pull

So we will need a custom backup, restore and replication solution

3. Since Isilon doesn't have any integration with CM on CDP, Dell has suggested to use InsightIQ solution from them that would help us to fetch metrics from Isilon


Would certainly welcome any more suggestions / points to consider that i may not have mentioned above. 


Please suggest




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