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HDP upgrade is struck at upgrade in progress

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hdp-upgrade-error.jpg As attached, upgrade is showing in progress and is not showing any update. Cna you guide me on where to check and what to do



Please provide Ambari logs, result of command

ps aux | grep yum

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ps aux | grep yum

hdfs 15310 0.0 0.0 112644 952 pts/1 R+ 04:48 0:00 grep --color=auto yum

@Krishna Srinivas

Your best shot is ambari server log

tail -f /var/log/ambari-server/ambari-server.log

@Krishna Srinivas

Review What to Check when upgrade / downgrade seems to be stuck? when it is published.

Meanwhile, are you able to click on 'Upgrade in Process'? apart from reviewing the ambari-server log, try the following URL's to find whats happening:

Use Ambari URL's to find what are the failures


For eg


This would show all the upgrade or downgrade attempts. for eg if this is a upgrade failure, identify the latest Upgrade attempt number

  1. this would list all the actions taken as part of upgrade attempt 119.

Review the output to identify those JSON outputs without status 'COMPLETED'. This would give a clue to what items have failed to move to COMPLETED status and troubleshoot from there on.

Take a look at this article,

It has instructions on what to query and how to fix it. If you still need help, please include the results of the DB queries.

SELECT version, state FROM cluster_version cv JOIN repo_version rv ON cv.repo_version_id = rv.repo_version_id ORDER BY version DESC;

-- Find how many hosts are in each state
SELECT version, state, COUNT(*) FROM host_version hv JOIN repo_version rv ON hv.repo_version_id = rv.repo_version_id GROUP BY version, state ORDER BY version DESC, state;