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HDPCA - Question

Rising Star

Hi ! Just completed my HDPCA exam. Have few questions:

  1. Do they count half completed tasks ? Every question had multiple parts.
  2. Some tasks was taking too long to complete, so I had to go back and perform other tasks, So I killed it and went to other tasks. Because of killing, other tasks weren't successfully starting but I made all the changes as requested. Does it count ?
  3. Do they look at the logs and check all the changes made and give points on that basis.
  4. When do I find out if I pass or fail.

Hello, Prakash. I cannot comment too much on the exam itself. For answers specific to your particular exam, please send and email to

HOWEVER: I can answer some of your above questions.

1. Some tasks require several steps. The configuration is considered complete if "all" the steps are done.

4. It takes up to 5 business days to receive grade from proctor. You should have received the grades by now. Again, please send email to for additional questions/concerns.