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HDPCA exam syllabus Prepration Help

Hi Guys,
I have been doing preparation for HDPCA Exam. I complete the all task that are available on AWS machine.
Now what topic i need to prepare in order to do the good preparation ?
Any link ? Any material ?
Mudassar Hussain



@Mudassar Hussain

Those tasks you completed are a spinoff of some of the questions you will be asked. Your exam will be based on some of those tasks but of course with some tweaks, especially really troubleshooting scenarios where some components will be intentionally misconfigured or disabled etc.

My best advice is to do them over and over again and participate /attempt to answer some HCC technical questions that members encounter in real situations that will give you a general picture of what happens out there in real life.

Hope that helps.

Thanks @Geoffrey Shelton Okot
Can you please give me some links ? that will be helpful for me regarding exam questions..


@Mudassar Hussain

Unfortunately, that's strictly forbidden to copy and share exam questions, both parties can be disqualified. So I advise you to practice more as your exam approaches on the subjects mentioned in the exam outline.

Best of luck !

@Geoffrey Shelton Okot

Brother, I am not asking, give me "Exam Questions". I just asked share the links or doc material which help me in order to do prepration.
Anyway Thanks for you Help.


@Mudassar Hussain

I quite understood your question sorry if my response was vague, there is no link on the internet or docs for HDPCA except some videos which walks you through the official exam contents provided by itversity this is a good source for practice for HDP and cloudera.


@Geoffrey Shelton Okot
Its Ok 🙂 Cheers

Rising Star

Try to cover topic like security, High Availability, services configuration and installation. Do as much practical as you can for example creating cluster and breaking them by tweaking something and checking where the problem lies by checking the log files.

Go through the exam blueprint and check if you have practically performed all the task on your cluster. The more you practise the better chances to pass this exam.


HI @Mudassar Hussain

you should practice all of the Exam Objectives from this link near the bottom:

If you are comfortable with hands-on for each of the objectives, you should have no problem with the exam.


@Mudassar Hussain

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Enjoy HCC

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The test prep help is always needed by the candidates. I too am going to sit MBE and it is very crucial time for me because I have to pass this test in this attempt. Have been thinking to join an online course so that can get the access of professional lessons, videos, eBooks and MBE Practice Questions.

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