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HDPCA related question

Master Collaborator

in the objects its saying the following tasks will be judged

1- install local HDP repository

2- install Ambari-server and ambari-agent

but the hortonworks practice cluster on Amazon have already installed ambari-server , why ?

if this cluster was made for practicing the exam then the ambari-server should not be installed and the student

should be doing that like other tasks ?


Re: HDPCA related question

1. It is asking for Local repository. If you check , the HDP and HDP Utils are configured locally whereas the Ambari repository are not locally configured. You can delete the configured repo file and configure it again as locally to the server.

2. In the practice exam anmbari server already there . but you have know how to install on another new server. you can practices it on your virtual machine.

Re: HDPCA related question

Master Collaborator

there are prerequisites to installing ambari-server , like JCE , npt , java etc , would I be installing all those also for the exam ?

Re: HDPCA related question

Hi Sami,

You can cross verify , what are service already installed like JAVA,NTP etc.

Well as per my knowledge , Hortonworks gives you platform with all installed prerequisites task. So you need not to worry about. Just check the java -version .

Re: HDPCA related question

Expert Contributor

@Sami Ahmad

practicing the exam build with basic. get idea how the exam environment.

Yes, if its required you have to install in exam too...depends in tasks you get it...make sure you should practice all exam objectives...