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HDPCD Certification Exam Issue - Jan 2018

Re: HDPCD Certification Exam Issue - Jan 2018

New Contributor

Hi there.

I took HDPCD 2018 exam yesterday and it still the same poor conditions.

About 1h after the exam begin the VM freezed; I was already a little bit nervous and this make fill even worst; they about 15m to solve it but I was never able to get my pace back.

Also on one of the exercises the needed source file was not in there so i was not able to finish the exercise completely. I raised the ticket as soon as the exam ended but have no answer so far.

I believe that something must change otherwise we will be spending 250$ on a crappy exam.


Re: HDPCD Certification Exam Issue - Jan 2018

New Contributor

Hi there,

i can't agree with you more. i attended the exam yesterday, that was extremely painful, not the exam questions but the environments. I can't even type a completed syntax, the spark-shell or notepad are extremely slow, almost like i am in the slow motion movie, when i scrolled the page, there was a wave, like 20-30 seconds delay time. During the entire exam, i can't do copy and paste from exam html to my spark-shell console like the instruction told me, tried to call customer service this morning for $250 refund but no one answers, if HW is reading this, please respond to my case. That was VERY BAD EXPERIENCE, i will not suggest anyone to take.