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HDPCD Certification issues: Protoctor Not able to launch the exam

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Hi ,

Not want to bring the below issue to forum but since I am getting no response from requesting a clue from community members.

I registered for HDPCD exam and Proctor was not able to launch the exam .

Confirmation Code: CE0-A14
Candidate Id: 4791167606

I followed all the instruction suggested by proctor(e.g. checking the proxy setting,disabling firewall ,trying alternate machine etc.).

After 2 hours of attempt the exam was not launched when contacted examslocal chat support the answer was to contact certification team and they will grant the credit, however from past 8 days I am not getting any response. I have already created a ticket #10245.

Has anyone faced similar issue

Is there any ETA for response?


Hi Ameya,

I also went through similar issue. My exam date was 10th Jan. Proctor could not launch the exam after 2 hours of troubleshooting. I have contacted Hortonworks, but no reply from them for last 1 week. Really disappointing.

Hi @Amey Latkar , the same Problem I have faced on Monday 15th Jan. Myself and Proctor tried for almost 3 hours trying out different options. The same thing has been suggested by Proctor to contact hortonworks. I sent an email to yesterday but no reply yet.

After seeing your post, this kind of issue seems to occur to people often.

@Hortonworks Support Team, Please also look into my requested ticket - 10381


Hi @William Gonzalez It would be great help if you could route this to appropriate support team for resolving the issue.


Hi @William Gonzalez,

I have faced similar issue and my request id is 10287. It would be of great help if I could get an update on this from HortonWorks. Thanks in advance!

- Prachi

Hi @rich Could you please look into this?

Hi Vamshi,

Did you get any response from HortonWorks people?

No prachi.No response yet. Not sure what to do.

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i got the mail from hortonworks for ecredit on day 9 after placing the request...thanks a lot cerification team

Hi @Amey Latkar,

Please let me know if your rescheduled exam went well without any issues, when you take it.

Its already 10 days since I placed the request, but haven't received any response till date.



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  1. Hi @prachi bhadekarI am yet to schedule a exam ..but you can copy the email to as well and you may get a response from them

Hi @Vamshi Kondabathini Did you get any response? I am still waiting for the same.

No Prachi. I am also waiting for their reply

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Hi guys .. even I faced similar kind of issue today. For me error was “server ip address not found.” I tried all the troubleshooting steps that proctor told me. Did any face similar issue? I have mailed hortonworks and my request number is 10581

@Vivek Pathane we are waiting for the response. We also faced the similar issue.

Hi all,

I received a response from them today after 15 days!

But it only says that they can eCredit and I can reappear for the exam,and they want to know when.

But I am not sure whether the issue has been fixed, as I see some people still facing it recently.

@Amey Latkar, please let me know if you could reschedule and take the exam successfully. Would like to know your updates. Thanks in advance.


Hi @Vamshi Kondabathini Did you get any response yet?

Hi @Amey Latkar please let me know if you could reschedule and take the exam successfully.

Its almost a month since I had scheduled HDPCD exam, and no satisfactory response from them. It's really VERY FRUSTRATING!!!!

Do you guys know any other way to raise this issue?

Thanks in advance!


Yes @Prachi they ecredited amount in examlocal acnt which we can use to reschedule..I think you can email them again and let it raise a new ticket so they wl respond.

Ok, Vamshi. Thanks for letting me know that. I will raise another ticket now.

But they said that they will reschedule only once. If you face the same issue again, your money is gone, even if it's not an issue with your set-up. That's unreasonable.

That's why I wanted to know if anybody faced the same issue second time as well. Let me know when you take the exam this time. Thanks a ton for your response, Vamshi!! 🙂

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Hi, I faced same issue second time. This time proctor confirmed me that even they are unable to open the exam link and there is issue from hortonworks end. I have raised a new ticket with request number 10867.

Is it resolved now ? Is platform working fine now ?