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HDPCD Exam issue - Instance got hung and session was very slow


HDPCD Exam issue - Instance got hung and session was very slow

New Contributor

Hi Horton Team,

I have taken HDPCD exam last night. I have faced many issues during my exam time. It was not a good experience. There are too many problems.

1. The instance got hung many times, I have informed proctor and they restarted/refreshed the screen for 2 times. And then, they have asked me take care of myself by clicking “exam refresh” button. It got hung around 6 times and I have lost almost 1 hour due to this problem. It takes time to come back to original state if I refresh.

2. When I say to proctor about my session hung, they are sending just “okay” message. Nothing is happening after that. Don’t know why?

3. Proctor hasn’t responded quickly for my response… I have asked many times “are you there, are you there”. After 3 to 5 minutes, they are responding. This is really frustrating.

4. Exam question paper got closed many times. I don’t know why!

5. Session was very slow… It took while to open each shell.

6. I’m unable to close the flume session… I tried to do that, it was kept on running.

Request you to consider and review this case ASAP. Candidate id: 1353602376

Thanks in advance...

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