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HDPCD Practice Exam- VNC viewer Connection timeout



I am not able to connect EC2 instance via VNC viewer. I am getting connection timeout error.

My VNC viewer version is 5.3.2. It shows field for VNC server where I put public DNS name of my EC2 instance followed by:5901 and for Encryption, I choose all the options but result is same. In practice guide it shows field for Address and picture quality field only.

I mentioned the port details under security group as mentioned in setup guide.



Hello, @Tech Guy.

I am sure you checked some of these steps already but:

1. Please verify that your EC2 instance is in Running state

2. Please verify that you have ports 22 & 5901 open for ALL source IPs ( in your security group

3. Please verify that you can ssh into the instance with the created keypair.

4. If you can ssh, please run the ./ script in the /home/horton directory

Let me know if this helps.