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HDPCD Results not received


I am addressing this to the certification team. I find it quite disturbing that after 5 days and several mails to the certification team, I still have not received the results of my exam. I even filed a complaints about the environment and no one hast bothered to contact me. I am quite sure you will understnad that I need these information to be able to plan my next steps. For a big and well know organisation I think Hortonworks does not handle these isues quite well. I therefore hope that someone will react to my emails so I know what to do next. My job depends on this and I am sure you understand that.


Hi @Nde Gerald Awa, sorry to hear no one has contacted you. You should have received an email notification. I reached out internally to our training team. You should be hearing from someone soon.


@Scott Shaw Thank you for your reply. I will be waiting.


HI @Scott Shaw Communication with the Hortonworks training/support team could really be frustrating sometimes. I have issues purchasing a new HDPCD exam. The exam is still marked as registered even after I have taken the exam, which makes it impossible for me purchase a new exam and retake it. Despite the fact hat I have sent numerous emails, I havent even recieved a reply stating that they recieved my email.

I started with so much enthusiasm with Hortonworks and despite the fact that my company partners with hortonworks, I have had very terible experiences with them. From the exam environment to the constant delay in replies etc. I reall need to reprogram this certification. As I mentioned in earlier posts my job depends heavily on this.

All I need is for the HDPCD certification to be activated within my profile so I can do a new purchase and retake the exam. I will very much appreciate if you could be of help with this. Thank you

New Contributor
@Scott Shaw

Can you please help even I haven't received results of my test for HDPCD Spark Certification

Hi @Vinod Kumar. I'll see if I can find someone who will contact you.

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