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HDPCD exam enviroment issue

New Contributor

Hi sir ,

yesterday i did an attempt for HDPCD exam at 6:30pm IST i logged in and just started my exam.

after 10 min my window got hanged then live chatter come and told me to refresh the page

i did refresh after that i was unable to login the page due to my internet speed.

and we spent almost 1 hours but i havn't got chance to come on exam tab to see my exam task.

sir it's request to you please revert back my money or provide me another slot for the same exam.

during the exam hours i did mail to PSI examslocal and then replied me to send mail to hortonworks after that i sent mail to Hortonworks too. imagine my exam is running on and i am sending mail to Hortonowrks ,examslocal and chatting with live supporter.

I havent complete one single task and havent looked any task due to speed issue.

and after lot of trial live supporter told me please click to end request exam button because he cant continue my exam with the same speed he told me just talk to hortonworks may be they can help you.

so i just clicked on that button and my exam got closed

as i have sent two mails to hortonworks and i got only one single reply from hortonworks here is

"Your request (12627) has been received and is being reviewed by our support staff.

To add additional comments, reply to this email."

Here is my detail:

Exam Sponsor:Hortonworks
Exam:HDP Certified Developer
Exam Code:HDPCD
Scheduled Date:April 7, 2018
Scheduled Time:6:30 PM India Standard Time
Confirmation Code:CE5-E03
Candidate Id: 1234918411

Sir if you need any proof for the same you can watch my exam video and chat with live supporter guy.

250$ is not small amount people like me and if i haven't spent more then 10 to 20 mins and haven't scrolled down the exam task to see all task and not attended any single question.during the time just talking to chatter.

I think it's genuine reason you need to revert back my money or provide me another slot so that next time i can come with high speed and will try to attempt this exam once more.

Kindly do the needfull.


anuj singh hada


Super Collaborator

Hello, it seems you duplicated this post.

Please remove this one.

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