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HDPSearch Solr dashboards shows 'No data points available' .

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@jsensharma Screenshot from 2019-12-19 12-29-12.png
I am using Ambari 2.7.3 , HDPSearch 5.0 . When looking at the grafana dashboards for Solr hosts and Solr cores no datapoints are available in graphs.  According to me cluster name is not populated in template variable and that is the issue. Do you see anything else being the issue?


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have you found a solution ?


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No, we haven't found the solution yet.
But you can use AMS metadata APIs to see if Solr metrics are actually being posted or not.
If yes then check if the appId and hostname being set in the metrics match the ones used in Grafana dashboard.

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I've just be able to create a new dashboard with some metrics that I've found within the internal HBase tables with the help of this article :

There's no metric with the app-name "solr-core-app" or "solr-host-app" as defined within the delivered dashboards. The only available app-name is "hdp-solr" with some core metrics like "hdp-solr.solr.core.<collection>.shard1.replica_n1".

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