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!!HELP with a problem with CDH 6.x and hbase with java

!!HELP with a problem with CDH 6.x and hbase with java

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We are looking for some scala examples specifically for CDH 6.x that uses hbase as we are having problems with an one of our older projects. (btw, this particular project uses oozie).

If we run our project from commandline in 6.x it works fine as:

sudo -u mapred java -cp /apps/acs-cruncher/lib/cruncher-19.10.02.jar:`hbase classpath` hdfs://HDFS-HA-ACSTestCluster http://cdh-utility-1:11000/oozie prod-acs-A-coord prod 300000  but if we actually 

run it thru our normally workflow that launches it without the "hbase classpath"  it fails.   We have verified in the cluster that the ooze shared library is installed and we have also verifed

that both hbase and even hadoop are in the libraries (hadoop fs -ls -R /user/oozie |grep hbase and the same for hadoop).  

When the workflow is ran we get the error as:

Error: Argument (prefixedCoordinatorName) failed when given 'prod-acs-A-coord'. org/apache/hadoop/hbase/util/Bytes

and yet that library is part of the oozie shared library .  so we are at a loss.   


Any help or help on shedding light on the matter would be awesome


Snippets of logs:





Again any help for solving would be very much appreciated or at least being able to see a working example for cdh 6.x with scala could be helpful.