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HIVE External Table loading rows limitation

HIVE External Table loading rows limitation

New Contributor

We are trying to build an external table by joining two other tables A and B.

Table A has around 432,65807 number of rows and having around 45 columns.

Table B has around 379405 number of rows and having around 17 columns.

Both tables are being LEFT JOIN based on 3 columns and producing around 65618892 rows count on hive query editor. that is perfectly fine.

But when we insert the result set directly to an External Table/ Avro Table / Parquet Table then in each case it wrote ONLY 11520062 number of rows. and missing around 54098830 number of rows.

Note : we are using single node Hortonworks HDP virtual machine having 12GB's of RAM.

Queries we were trying are

1) DROP TABLE IF EXISTS my_avro_tbl; CREATE TABLE my_avro_tbl(colA string, colB string, colC string, colD string, colE string, colF string, colG string, colH string, colI string, colJ string, colK string, colL string ) STORED AS AVRO; INSERT OVERWRITE TABLE my_avro_tbl SELECT colA, colB, colC, colD, colE, colF, colG, colH, colI, colJ, colK, colL FROM Table_A LEFT OUTER JOIN Table_B ON X = Y;